A 385-Million-BIP Burn, Dedicated to Launch Day

Minter 2

  • Trade in most cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets within a single network, all in a decentralized way
  • Make transactions in 5 seconds with final blocks
  • Pay fees (fixed at $0.01 per transfer and $0.03 + 0.2% per swap) in any liquid coin/token. It’s worth noting that when a custom coin/token is used to pay fee, BIP is automatically bought at the market and the fee is paid in BIP itself
  • Enjoy all benefits of integration with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain and later, with other popular networks
  • Send cross-chain transfers with swaps. For example, BUSD on Binance Smart Chain for USDC on Ethereum
  • Place limit orders powered by a unique implementation at the core level of Minter blockchain
  • Create your own tokens and liquidity pools in a couple of clicks
  • Use BIPx, a mirrored version of BIP on Ethereum and BSC, to earn with the best DeFi services

The BIP’s Use Cases Are Many

  • Delegate and get rewards (portion of block rewards + transaction fees)
  • Provide custom coins with reserve, or back them
  • Pay all network fees (+30 types of transactions)
  • Validate the network (mining, voting power)
  • Supply liquidity to the Minter pools (for 0.2% of the amount swapped) and in the case of BIPx, to pools on Ethereum and BSC



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