🐝 BEE Staking at up to 24% APR

1 min readJun 13, 2022


Today, we are rolling out a new offering—staking of BEE. It will allow you to lock your tokens for a select period and get daily rewards. The longer the period, the bigger the reward!

Staking Options

  • 1 year: 6% in yearly returns
  • 2 years: 12% in yearly returns (a total of 24%)
  • 3 years: 24% in yearly returns (a total of 72%)

Stake BEE Now »


  • You may join the program any time between now and Saturday, June 10, 2023. After that, it will be no longer possible, while existing participants will continue receiving rewards according to the staking period they’ve picked;
  • The total limit stands at 15 million BEE. Once it’s reached, users will no longer be able to stake new BEE tokens;
  • The user can choose several options at once, sending tokens into staking as frequently as every day;
  • Rewards are automatically sent onto participant’s balance on a daily basis.




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