BIP Shortage after Minter 3 Upgrade

1. Free Autoredelegation

Earlier, all rewards were sent out to delegator addresses approx. once every hour. Autoredelegation has changed that in a way that from now on, rewards are automatically staked, leading to growth in both stakes and rewards themselves. To claim, the user will need to make a regular unbond transaction in the amount they need.

2. Dynamic Mining

When the supply of coins on the market exceeds the demand, BIP’s price drops. To make this less impactful, Minter 3 introduces a block reward balancer that reacts by reducing block rewards when the BIP price falls, helping to avoid further BIP surplus.

  • Price = $0.001, reward = 62 BIP
  • Price = $0.0025, reward = 78 BIP
  • Price = $0.01, reward = 111 BIP
  • Price = $0.10, reward = 197 BIP
  • Price = $1, reward = 350 BIP

3. Three-Year Stake Lock

A new staking option is offered to users with Minter 3 release. They can send their BIP into delegation with a 3-year lock and receive 3x rewards. The unbonding is impossible until the lock-up period is over.

4. Undistributed Rewards Burned by Balancer

If there is a sharp, 10-percent drop in the price of BIP, the balancer stops distributing rewards to delegators who haven’t locked while block rewards are burned down to the base value. Once the price is no longer decreasing, block rewards return (+10 BIP every 24h) to their base values and are distributed as usual.

5. Ticker Fees Burning

When creating a new coin or token, the issuer pays the fee that depends on the length of the ticker — the shorter, the cheaper. Instead of being distributed to validators and their delegators, this fee will now be sent to the 0th address and burned, taking the coins out of free circulation.

6. Buyback and Burn of BIP

When swaps are made within liquidity pools, BIP is bought back and later burned. We’ll increase the in-pool fee from .2% to .3% (market average). Liquidity providers will still be earning .2% on swaps within pools, while the remaining .1% will go towards BIP buyback and burn.

  1. Direct impact on the growth in the price of BIP via purchasing the asset
  2. Direct impact on the decrease in the supply of BIP in circulation through the burning of the purchased asset, or fixing the BIP tokenomics upon creating a shortage



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