Cross-Chain Listing of Ethereum’s ERC-20 Tokens on Minter

In this article, you’ll find out how to join the Minter Launchpad initiative and list your ERC-20 token on Minter in a cross-chain way.

To start with, let’s define cross-chain listing and some of its tech features.

All new coins with enabled cross-chain transfers are added to Minter (cross-chain listing) using a special bridge called Minter Hub. It was created to make Minter interoperable with other networks. We’ve picked Ethereum as the first blockchain to be integrated because it’s the most popular and the most liquid in the crypto space.

Tokens on the Ethereum network are different from coins on the Minter network. First off, there are various standards. The most widely used are ERC-20 and ERC-721, each having their own unique characteristics. Minter Hub works only with the former and most popular standard, which is ERC-20. It’s impossible to tell one standard from the other automatically. Moreover, developers of a given Ethereum token can implement their own vision, meaning that even tokens of the same standard may differ in terms of functionality.

For Minter Hub to operate properly, there is a mechanism for voting whether to add a new token. It is used each time, allowing validators to manually verify that the token is compatible with Minter Hub and there will be no problem depositing and withdrawing it.

A vote taken by Minter Hub oracles is no due diligence of the project.

Validators do not and cannot vouch for the financial security of the project being connected. The voting’s only goals are to ensure technical compatibility of an ERC-20 token that has a smart contract on Ethereum and interconnect that token with a coin on the Minter network.

Minter Hub’s only responsibility is to make cross-chain transfers work.

Any existing project’s ERC-20 token can be included in the list of cross-chain tokens. There are three main ways to make a cross-chain listing of an Ethereum token on Minter.

Cross-Chain Listing: Ways

1. Paid Listing

Any project with an ERC-20 token can fill out a cross-chain listing form, send 100 HUB to a specified address, and get a guaranteed listing within three days since form submission.

The fee is distributed among the oracles of the Minter Hub blockchain.

2. Free Listing

This option applies to crypto projects that everyone knows about.

3. Free Listing through Community Vote

Any project willing to get a free cross-chain listing of its ERC-20 token on Minter must win a vote. The votes will be organized by Minter Team and held on social networks on a regular basis.

Each vote features three candidate tokens. The one that gets most votes is then sent to oracles for cross-chain listing.

The voting process is powered by Pinpon. This means that on top of supporting their candidate, participants also get a chance to win a valuable prize.

For your token to become a candidate in the next vote, the project’s community — including its users — needs to:

  1. Follow Minter’s social accounts
  2. Offer your coin in the comments section below an ongoing vote. You can mention your coin on any social platform where Minter is present (Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube)

Make sure you post to an active vote, not one of the past ones.

Try to post across as many social platforms as you can. This will increase the likelihood of your candidate being noticed.

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