We are glad to announce a new HUB token farming program.


Above everything, the program aims to support those who make the HUB token liquid. Those supplying liquidity will enjoy a 36.5-percent APY. Every day, providers will get 0.1% on the volume of their liquidity expressed in U.S. dollars. Reward will be distributed in HUB tokens on a weekly basis, and LPs will be able to claim it at any time using a special interface that’s being developed as you read this article.

To ensure fair play, we’ll take snapshots of the top 100 providers each day at a random time. If the provider withdraws liquidity or drops out of the top 100, they won’t be qualified to get bonus on that day.

What’s HUB?

Minter Hub is a Minter sidechain bridging Minter, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchains.

HUB is a native token that has the following use cases:

  • Validation of the Minter Hub network (up to 1% on all cross-chain transfers)
  • Voting on DAO-related issues
  • Reduction of fees charged for making cross-chain transfers (up to 60%)
  • Provision of liquidity to the pools (0.2–0.3% on the amount swapped, depending on the blockchain)
  • Tips about trades and profitable operations made via Minter Hub

Learn more about the HUB token and its tokenomics.

How to Farm HUB

To enroll in the program, you need to provide liquidity. For that, you need to hold the HUB token itself plus USDT.

If you don’t have the HUB token yet, you can buy it in a Uniswap pool HUB/USDT. To do that,

  1. Go to the HUB/USDT pair (or click Trade if you’re on the info page)
  2. Make sure that the HUB token matches the appropriate smart contract: 0x8e9a29e7ed21db7c5b2e1cd75e676da0236dfb45
  3. Sign in with the wallet of your choice (e.g., Metamask or Trust Wallet)
  4. Specify the necessary number of coins
  5. Click Approve and confirm the transaction
  6. Click Swap and confirm the transaction

Attention! For sending Approve and Swap transactions, you’ll pay a fee in ETH. You can view the current gas here: https://etherscan.io/gastracker

Providing Liquidity

To provide liquidity, you need to have equal amounts of HUB and USDT tokens in your wallet:

  1. Visit Uniswap
  2. Press the Connect Wallet button
  3. Specify the necessary number of coins
  4. Click Approve and confirm the transaction
  5. Click Supply and confirm the transaction

Attention! For sending Approve and Supply transactions, you’ll pay a fee in ETH. You can view the current gas here: https://etherscan.io/gastracker

Important! Because one (or both) of the tokens may experience volatility, the USD worth of the liquidity provider’s funds may decrease upon liquidity removal. This situation is known as Impermanent Loss.

Impermanent loss occurs when the value of the assets you put into a liquidity pool has changed since you deposited them. The bigger the change, the more prone you are to impermanent loss. In this case, ‘loss’ means lower dollar price compared to that at the time of the deposit.

You can read more about impermanent loss here.

To view your liquidity, go to the Pool page. If it’s empty, import your pool by entering the HUB and USDT tokens into the addition form. If the pool has been imported already, it will show up automatically.

Step-by-step guide to becoming a liquidity provider.


The only thing left for you to do is keep your liquidity in the pool and track your position in the providers’ ranking. To participate in the program, you should be ranked at least 100th. Each day, at a random time, a snapshot of the ranking will be taken. Accumulated rewards will be paid out to your address weekly, and you’ll be able to claim them in a special interface that’s now a work in progress and will be announced separately.

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