Listing Tokens on Minter

On May 24, the two most popular stablecoins—namely, USDT and USDC—have been integrated into Minter. This has unlocked new opportunities for crypto projects.

From now on, any business, project, blogger, or community can use Minter to create their own token and list it in a pair against the U.S. dollar in minutes. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to do that in practice, but let’s first define the Minter network for those who haven’t heard of it yet.

What’s Minter?

Minter is a unique decentralized digital assets marketplace that’s powered by a fast blockchain. Unlike in other DEXes and DeFi protocols, all functionality is implemented at the core level of blockchain, rendering so-called layer-2 solutions unnecessary.

This makes it possible to reach high operational speed, independence from external services, and maximal compatibility among components within a single ecosystem.

Users can buy, sell, send, and spend BTC, ETH, BIP, USDT, gold, oil, stocks, and many other digital assets. They can also create their own token and easily launch trading at low fees and high speeds.

Popular Stablecoins

Along with the recently added USDT and USDC, Minter will soon roll out support for the rest of the Ethereum network’s most well-known stablecoins. This will provide extra flexibility in listing tokens (through creating pairs) and trading.

You can find them below:

Besides, the Minter network has introduced its first official stablecoin, MUSD, on May 24. It’s tied to the price of USD and is backed by the digital assets placed in liquidity pools.

Listing a Token on Minter

How do you create your own token and list it on Minter?

Do it yourself. As easy as that!

What’s more, you can do it with no KYC, no delays, no mind-blowing listing fees, no piles of application forms, no communication with the exchange’s support team, and no other requirements that projects typically have to put up with when working with centralized venues.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

1. First, you need to create your token. You can do it via Minter Console.

For creating a token, you need to pay the network’s fee in BIP. Its size depends on the length of your digital asset’s ticker (short name, 3–10 symbols long) and is displayed in Console (buy BIP to pay fee).

Learn how to create a token in a couple of clicks »

2. Once the token has been successfully created, you can list it on Minter through creating a trading pair all on your own.

To do that, you need to create a liquidity pool for your trading pair, which will consist of your token on one side and any liquid coin of the network on the other. It may be BTC, ETH, tokenized gold, oil, or shares of companies (these assets will arrive a bit later). But in most cases, token creators will want their asset trading against a stable currency, for example, a stablecoin among those present on the network (USDT, USDC, HUSD, TUSD, PAX, UST, DAI, BUSD).

Learn how to create a pool »

3. After the liquidity pool is live, your token will be available for trading to all users (meaning they’ll be able to buy and sell it) within regular wallets and Console. The information about trades —e.g., price, charts, and 24-hour volume — can be found in these user-friendly explorer services:

Case Study

Assume there’s a popular YouTube artist (blogger) with their own community.

The blogger decides to launch their own token. They tell their community that holders of such tokens will have access to exclusive content, merch, concert ticket discounts, an opportunity to become a featuring artist, an opportunity to participate in the giveaways of unique NFT items, and more. The holders will also be getting a portion of the artist’s ad earnings.

The only thing left to do is issue a token and list it so that the trading begins. The whole process should take 5 minutes at most.

Token creation section. The parameters are random, so when you create a real token, follow your own vision regarding the project’s economics.
Confirmation window

After you’ve pressed Confirm, your token will be successfully created on the Minter blockchain. You’ll be able to view the corresponding record in Explorer. The link will appear on your screen and will be saved in Console.

Token creation transaction »

Trading pair creation section. It shows the listing of your token through the creation of a liquidity pool. When you create a real pool, follow your own vision regarding the project’s economics.
Confirmation window

The fee for creating a liquidity pool is 500 BIP.

Once you’ve clicked on Confirm, your pool will be successfully created on the Minter blockchain. You’ll be able to view the corresponding record in Explorer. The link will appear on your screen and will be saved in Console.

Pool creation transaction (listing of your token with the initial parameters you’ve set) »

You may watch the trades on the pool’s page in either of the explorers:

* The DEFIGEN token is issued solely for the purpose of illustrating how to create tokens and liquidity pools. It’s not a functioning project. We kindly ask everyone not to make any operations with this token.

List your token. The infrastructure is ready, it’s almost free, and advantages over centralized systems are countless!



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