Minter’s Month in Review — April 2020



  • First use case for rewards: a successful Binance-approved campaign supporting Super Meetup with the DEC coin: thousands of participants and views (in Russian)
  • MinterPush hackathon with rewards for subscriptions
  • Rewards campaign builder for businesses under development, which will allow them to launch and integrate rewards in minutes
  • Single rewards campaign management center in the works: setup, analytics, scenarios


  • GitHub-hosted content publication system for developers
  • Work started on educational materials about blockchain
  • Community-initiated listing on Staking Rewards
  • Surveys and experiments run, needs of the community analyzed
  • Negotiations about BIP’s addition to a number of services, apps, and rankings in place
  • Developer support program announced
  • LIKE coin filled (which will be the updated website’s main voting coin)
  • Mechanism outlined for issuing algorithmic stablecoins on the network, pegged to the coins of other blockchains (e.g., BTC)
  • Telegram bot for paid chats launched
  • Compared to other blockchains, Minter showed the humblest capitalization with the most active real audience



  • Fully-fledged rewards application program for E.U.-based businesses in progress, which will enable them to use bank accounts for purchase and sale with no limitations
  • Legal framework in progress to assist businesses who use custom coins in attracting investors
  • Research conducted and Terms of Services drafted for businesses willing to implement rewards for their customers


  • Concepts of stable and algo coins outlined, with some already being tested on the network
  • BTC coin presented, which will indicate Bitcoin ownership through sidechains
  • Concept formulated for multi-wallets, which will manage other blockchains from within the Minter network
  • One-minute-launch rewards campaign template designed


  • Study carried out, which found the E.U. to be the most appealing strategic market to enter with rewards solutions first
  • Significant work being done on translating all documentation & services into English
  • Viral campaign for MinterID planned: invite system, queue, screening
  • Grants used by many participants to update their websites, improving the network’s general brand image
  • Audience of the Minter website continued topping that of many of the top 100 blockchains. In one year, the site was visited by over 350,000 unique users


  • @howtobuybip channel launched by E.U.-licensed cryptocurrency broker Minter Global OÜ
  • #howtobuybip video contest run
  • Mechanism for listing initiation on behalf of Minter Global OÜ
  • Preparation for listing on three new exchanges
  • Consulting BIP/BTC & BIP/ETH atomic liquidity pools

Minter Development Foundation

  • Support expressed to IOMA, a liquidity providers association
  • Promo grants awarded to Flat FM and Minterscan
  • Legal preparation for the release of as a website for rewards solutions



  • Node API 2.0 release
  • Swagger UI improvements for API 2.0
  • Masternode management console improvements
  • Node update v1.1.7, which uses Tendermint’s latest release with all security fixes, rolled out in less than 30 minutes since the Tendermint team’s official announcement
  • MinterEVM development and trials finished, public demo shown
  • Masternode updated to v1.1.6, the Dashboard command added with user-friendly UI for displaying node status
  • 1,000,000 blocks minted since transition to 1.1, with the average uptime of 99.77%
  • Supply of the basic token BIP crossed the 2 billion mark, a ten-time increase over 11 months


  • BIP Wallet 2.0 in the works
  • Alpha version launched for internal testing
  • Getting ready for beta testing BIP Wallet 2.0


  • BIP Wallet 2.0 in the works
  • Alpha version launched for internal testing


  • API for MinterID service developed
  • Minor updates for Explorer API 2.0
  • Documentation for card providers API added
  • Gate API 2.0 enhancement


Console & Explorer

  • The total amount of all delegated stakes now displayed in Console and Explorer
  • Console fixes and performance improvement
  • Auto-filling of default coins when issuing checks removed
  • Gate now automatically turns off in case Explorer stops



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