Minter’s Month in Review—April 2022

  • Upgrade to Minter 3 modifying BIP tokenomics. Read more in this thorough guide
  • Article outlining each and every aspect of the upgrade and its impact on the supply of BIP
  • Bonus BEE token yield-farming program @ 0.1% per 24h for the BIP-MUSD pool (details)
  • Cross-chain listing of one stablecoin and five popular tokens from the NFT, Play-to-Earn, and Metaverse fields:
    ALICEBSC (MyNeighborAlice)
    AXSBSC (Axie Infinity)
    DEGOBSC (Dego Finance)
    DAIBSC (Dai)
  • Welcome farmings for new arrivals @ 10% in monthly returns
  • Minter Hub smart contracts in the works. Their goal is to let users earn in liquidity pools through providing a single asset
  • Community pools also in the works
  • Minter Hub Oracle Support Program announced
  • Minter Team locked its address—which receives 10% on block rewards and network fees—for 3 years. These funds will now go straight into staking
  • Definitive guideline on how to farm BNB after withdrawing it from an exchange onto one’s personal wallet, transferring it to Minter, and adding it to a liquidity pool @ a 120-percent APR
  • Joined hands with the community to promote the Minter 3 tokenomics update event across crypto calendars
  • Third-party explorer Chainik rolled out order books and depth charts along with the information about stake locks
  • Release of MinterNotificationBot, a community-developed tool for tracking transactions made by select addresses
  • Minter v3.3.0 update
  • Minter Console improvements:
    — Minter 3 compatibility
    — move-stake button
    — stake lock display
    — locked balance list
    — fixes: fee estimates, swap estimates, MetaMask connection
  • Minter Explorer improvements:
    — Minter 3 compatibility
    — locked stake list now shows locks from the Unbond and Move stake transactions
  • Changes to documentation, SDK, API, and a bunch of other services
  • Minter Hub update in progress

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