Minter’s Month in Review — August 2020

The team and community are getting ready for Minter 1.2. The new version will see the arrival of all requests and suggestions piled up during the first year of operation — from more flexible validator management to new coin formats.

This release will lay the groundwork for Minter 2, which aims to tokenize loyalty points and rewards from different blockchains and corporate systems. Our ultimate goal is to have a single system for all of the world’s major points and ensure they can be swapped for leading cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, digital goods, etc.



  • Specs for new, non-reserve tokens with the same basic characteristics — exchangeability and transfers at no extra gas
  • Terms for the tokenization and management of external (both on- and off-chain) loyalty points and rewards
  • @MinterContestBot update and the first partner campaign. 27,000+ participants, 103 contests, 11,500 verified reports, 57,350 actions, and 13,350 rewards totaling at 267,000 BIP



  • Bounty and Twitter giveaways to attract new participants to the bot and increase brand awareness


  • Preliminary legal model for Vault
  • Summary on worldwide regulation of rewards and loyalty points in progress


  • Study on customer loyalty management and top SaaS solutions
  • Overview of 1.2’s main changes from Daniil Lashin
  • Pinpon research on how rewards help build and engage communities
  • Pinpon research on legal and regulatory matters associated with loyalty points
  • Complete description of Minter 2.0 prepared
  • One-pager with all advantages of the Minter Network
  • BIP-backed stablecoins’ model in the works


  • Minter in the list of candidate solutions for Reddit’s scalable community points
  • Bithumb-hosted AMA with Minter Global’s director
  • Minter Global rolled out a new service, Minter Vault
  • BIP appeared on Coinbase website
  • “blockchain rewards” Google rankings improved
  • Promo campaign launched among popular YouTube bloggers


  •’s homepage now displays main options for purchasing BIP
  • ERC-20 MVT token issued and added on Uniswap

Minter Development Foundation

  • Negotiations with big-name brands on the tokenization of their loyalty points and rewards



  • Node optimization for 1.2
  • 1.2’s testing and debugging, private testnets
  • Minter code placed into GitHub’s Arctic Vault


  • New version of the app under development
  • Bugfixes
  • SDK now 1.2-compatible


  • New version of the app under development
  • Bugfixes
  • SDK now 1.2-compatible


  • Explorer API optimized and improved for 1.2


  • PHP, Go, JS, Java, and Swift SDKs updated for 1.2

Console, Explorer, & Other

  • Extender and Gate rebuilt to be interoperable with node version 1.2

All projects are welcome to publish their progress reports under the Minter0820 tag.

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