Minter’s Month in Review — August 2020



  • Specs for new, non-reserve tokens with the same basic characteristics — exchangeability and transfers at no extra gas
  • Terms for the tokenization and management of external (both on- and off-chain) loyalty points and rewards
  • @MinterContestBot update and the first partner campaign. 27,000+ participants, 103 contests, 11,500 verified reports, 57,350 actions, and 13,350 rewards totaling at 267,000 BIP



  • Bounty and Twitter giveaways to attract new participants to the bot and increase brand awareness


  • Preliminary legal model for Vault
  • Summary on worldwide regulation of rewards and loyalty points in progress


  • Study on customer loyalty management and top SaaS solutions
  • Overview of 1.2’s main changes from Daniil Lashin
  • Pinpon research on how rewards help build and engage communities
  • Pinpon research on legal and regulatory matters associated with loyalty points
  • Complete description of Minter 2.0 prepared
  • One-pager with all advantages of the Minter Network
  • BIP-backed stablecoins’ model in the works


  • Minter in the list of candidate solutions for Reddit’s scalable community points
  • Bithumb-hosted AMA with Minter Global’s director
  • Minter Global rolled out a new service, Minter Vault
  • BIP appeared on Coinbase website
  • “blockchain rewards” Google rankings improved
  • Promo campaign launched among popular YouTube bloggers


  •’s homepage now displays main options for purchasing BIP
  • ERC-20 MVT token issued and added on Uniswap

Minter Development Foundation

  • Negotiations with big-name brands on the tokenization of their loyalty points and rewards



  • Node optimization for 1.2
  • 1.2’s testing and debugging, private testnets
  • Minter code placed into GitHub’s Arctic Vault


  • New version of the app under development
  • Bugfixes
  • SDK now 1.2-compatible


  • New version of the app under development
  • Bugfixes
  • SDK now 1.2-compatible


  • Explorer API optimized and improved for 1.2


  • PHP, Go, JS, Java, and Swift SDKs updated for 1.2

Console, Explorer, & Other

  • Extender and Gate rebuilt to be interoperable with node version 1.2



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