Minter’s Month in Review—August 2022

2 min readSep 8, 2022



  • First version of Portfolios for Honee. Users can create and buy crypto portfolios in one click. The stats are already being gathered
  • Third buyback and burn of BIP (2 170 000 BIP, or ≈$1 954)
  • Six billion BIP issued (more numbers)
  • Nine new coins cross-chain-listed:
    ETCBSC (Ethereum Classic, Binance Smart Chain)
    SOLBSC (Solana, Binance Smart Chain)
    STGBSC (Stargate Finance, Binance Smart Chain)
    LDOETH (Lido DAO, Ethereum)
    CAWETH (A Hunters Dream, Ethereum)
    CAWETH (A Hunters Dream, BNB Smart Chain)
    MANAETH (Decentraland, Ethereum)
    SANDETH (The Sandbox, Ethereum)
    EGLDBSC (Elrond, BNB Smart Chain)
  • Referral links for Honee, along with ETH and BNB deposits and improved onboarding
  • HUB staking for HoneeBot (using the HUBSTAKE token)
  • TON deposits for HoneeBot
  • Weekly rankings of the most profitable portfolios. The first one


  • Honee:
    — Portfolios v1 release
    — Referral system release
    — ETH and BNB replenishment
    — Portfolio stats in progress
    — SellAll feature delivered
    — Isolated investment addresses under development
  • Honee bot:
    — Connection of new staking programs
    — Connection of the native TON for deposits
    — Optimization and improvements
  • Development and testing of the first Minter EVM product — decentralized collateralized loans

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