Minter’s Month in Review — December 2020

This past month was the icing on the cake of a troubled year. Our network withstood significant loads, upgraded, and moved closer than ever to the launch of Minter 2.0 that will take place this year.

Most importantly, we started Minter Hub’s public testing that anyone can join. The next step in building the Internet of Money, Hub will interconnect Minter with other leading networks starting with Ethereum. You can find out more here.



  • On the network 1.2.1 upgrade
  • 10 million BIP in support awarded to validators
  • Applications opened for Minter Hub oracles with 17 of them approved
  • Minter 1 blockchain in numbers:

– DPoS with 11,749 delegators

– 99% of blocks processed in less than 5 seconds

– Up to 7,262,785 daily transfers

– Up to 10,100 receivers per block

– Up to 2,186 transfers per second

– 1,787 issued coins

– Available supply of 3,396,623,840 BIP

– Delegated supply of 2,626,851,209 BIP (77%)

– Total supply of 10,000,000,000 BIP

– 43 active validators


  • 1,000 UNI drawn among HUB/USDT pool’s Liquidity Providers


  • Preparation of companies’ yearly reports



  • Leading node owners interviewed by Minter FM (in Russian)
  • Proposal to Reddit changed and re-submitted
  • Drafting Pinpon presentations
  • New promos launched on Pinpon, dashboard improved




  • Minter Go Node updated to v1.2.1
  • Development and testing of Minter Hub
  • The number of recipients per second reached a new all-time high: 2,186
  • Testnet 2.0 in progress


  • Bug fixes for the current version of BIP Wallet
  • Minter Wallet in the works
  • Image compression improved


  • Adjusted fees now correctly displayed in Android SDK and BIP Wallet
  • A couple of BIP Wallet bugs fixed
  • Minter Wallet in the works

API, Gate, & SDK

  • Gate switched to node 2.0
  • SDK updated for v1.2.1
  • Extender bettered
  • Rewards aggregation system rebuilt from scratch in the current Extender
  • SDK optimization for version 2.0

Console, Explorer, & Other

  • swap protocol implemented in Console
  • Console made compatible with the new version of blockchain
  • Web version of the wallet updated for v1.2.1
  • Console optimization for version 2.0
  • Issues resolved

All projects are welcome to publish their progress reports under the Minter1220 tag.




Supporting development and adoption of Minter, a digital assets marketplace powered by a fast blockchain. Other social media:

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Supporting development and adoption of Minter, a digital assets marketplace powered by a fast blockchain. Other social media:

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