Minter’s Month in Review — December 2020



  • On the network 1.2.1 upgrade
  • 10 million BIP in support awarded to validators
  • Applications opened for Minter Hub oracles with 17 of them approved
  • Minter 1 blockchain in numbers:


  • 1,000 UNI drawn among HUB/USDT pool’s Liquidity Providers


  • Preparation of companies’ yearly reports



  • Leading node owners interviewed by Minter FM (in Russian)
  • Proposal to Reddit changed and re-submitted
  • Drafting Pinpon presentations
  • New promos launched on Pinpon, dashboard improved




  • Minter Go Node updated to v1.2.1
  • Development and testing of Minter Hub
  • The number of recipients per second reached a new all-time high: 2,186
  • Testnet 2.0 in progress


  • Bug fixes for the current version of BIP Wallet
  • Minter Wallet in the works
  • Image compression improved


  • Adjusted fees now correctly displayed in Android SDK and BIP Wallet
  • A couple of BIP Wallet bugs fixed
  • Minter Wallet in the works

API, Gate, & SDK

  • Gate switched to node 2.0
  • SDK updated for v1.2.1
  • Extender bettered
  • Rewards aggregation system rebuilt from scratch in the current Extender
  • SDK optimization for version 2.0

Console, Explorer, & Other

  • swap protocol implemented in Console
  • Console made compatible with the new version of blockchain
  • Web version of the wallet updated for v1.2.1
  • Console optimization for version 2.0
  • Issues resolved



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