Minter’s Month in Review—December 2021


  • Minter 2.6 update introducing limit orders
  • 🚀 Minter Hub 2 upgrade adding support for Binance Smart Chain
  • Minter 3 announcement covering the changes coming to BIP tokenomics in Q1 and Q2 2022
  • Cross-chain listing of 9 new tokens from Binance Smart Chain

News & Events


  • The Minter v2.6.0 update that we had been preparing for months saw the arrival of long-awaited limit orders:
    — Automated Market Maker with Order Book
    — Ability to burn tokens is now available not only to creator but to all holders
    — The maximum Voting Power has been limited to 20% per Validator. At over 20%, delegation becomes impossible
    — Bug fixes
    — Fees for failed transactions. It is set at $0.01, same as for sending transfers. This fee also depends on the information in payload and current gas price
  • The Minter Hub upgrade including the integration of Binance Smart Chain:
    — New code base
    — Lower fees on withdrawals to Ethereum
    — Integration with Binance Smart Chain
    — Swap discounts for HUB holders
    — Support for native ETH token
    — Improved UX for validators
    — Cross-chain DeFi
    — Modular connection of other blockchains
  • The Minter 3: BIP Tokenomics Update announcement. The goal is to improve the economic model and implement deflationary and counter-inflationary mechanisms, stimulating the strengthening of BIP. Scheduled for gradual roll-out in Q1 and Q2 2022
  • Cross-chain listing of Binance Smart Chain network’s tokens: BIP, HUB, BNB, USDTBSC, BUSDBSC, SQD, BTCBSC, ETHBSC, TONBSC
  • Farming programs yielding liquidity providers extra rewards:
    BEE-MUSD: 100% APR, payouts in BEE (details)
    USDTE-USDCE: 36.5% APR, payouts in BIP (details)
    HUB-BIP: 36.5% APR, payouts in BIP (details)
  • Special BNB-BIP pool ‘welcome farming’ at 0.1% in daily rewards
  • New fees in Minter following a successful vote by validators
  • 5 prizes (50,000 BIP each) sent out to the participants of LIMIT GAME along with a 300,000 BIP airdrop and a special achievement badge on


  • Minter Hub upgrade
  • Minter Node Fast Sync: the issue of lengthy synchronization resolved in a new version of the node. The set-up of a Minter node and connection to API now take no longer than 1 minute
  • Minter Go Node v2.6.1 update
  • A proposal on modifying the network fees put forward by the BTC.Secure validator and later accepted (effective starting December 27, 2021)
  • Work on new Minter 3 functionality in progress



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