Minter’s Month in Review—December 2021

2 min readJan 10, 2022


In December, the Minter team rolled out major upgrades for the main network and the Minter Hub sidechain and has started developing new functionality aimed to strengthen the tokenomics of BIP throughout 2022.


  • Minter 2.6 update introducing limit orders
  • 🚀 Minter Hub 2 upgrade adding support for Binance Smart Chain
  • Minter 3 announcement covering the changes coming to BIP tokenomics in Q1 and Q2 2022
  • Cross-chain listing of 9 new tokens from Binance Smart Chain

News & Events


  • The Minter v2.6.0 update that we had been preparing for months saw the arrival of long-awaited limit orders:
    — Automated Market Maker with Order Book
    — Ability to burn tokens is now available not only to creator but to all holders
    — The maximum Voting Power has been limited to 20% per Validator. At over 20%, delegation becomes impossible
    — Bug fixes
    — Fees for failed transactions. It is set at $0.01, same as for sending transfers. This fee also depends on the information in payload and current gas price
  • The Minter Hub upgrade including the integration of Binance Smart Chain:
    — New code base
    — Lower fees on withdrawals to Ethereum
    — Integration with Binance Smart Chain
    — Swap discounts for HUB holders
    — Support for native ETH token
    — Improved UX for validators
    — Cross-chain DeFi
    — Modular connection of other blockchains
  • The Minter 3: BIP Tokenomics Update announcement. The goal is to improve the economic model and implement deflationary and counter-inflationary mechanisms, stimulating the strengthening of BIP. Scheduled for gradual roll-out in Q1 and Q2 2022
  • Cross-chain listing of Binance Smart Chain network’s tokens: BIP, HUB, BNB, USDTBSC, BUSDBSC, SQD, BTCBSC, ETHBSC, TONBSC
  • Farming programs yielding liquidity providers extra rewards:
    BEE-MUSD: 100% APR, payouts in BEE (details)
    USDTE-USDCE: 36.5% APR, payouts in BIP (details)
    HUB-BIP: 36.5% APR, payouts in BIP (details)
  • Special BNB-BIP pool ‘welcome farming’ at 0.1% in daily rewards
  • New fees in Minter following a successful vote by validators
  • 5 prizes (50,000 BIP each) sent out to the participants of LIMIT GAME along with a 300,000 BIP airdrop and a special achievement badge on


  • Minter Hub upgrade
  • Minter Node Fast Sync: the issue of lengthy synchronization resolved in a new version of the node. The set-up of a Minter node and connection to API now take no longer than 1 minute
  • Minter Go Node v2.6.1 update
  • A proposal on modifying the network fees put forward by the BTC.Secure validator and later accepted (effective starting December 27, 2021)
  • Work on new Minter 3 functionality in progress

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