Minter’s Month in Review — January 2020

Below is a summary of the work our extended team (30+ people) did in January this year:

Minter 1.0

  • Node performance optimization
  • Network crash and subsequent urgent fix increasing stability
  • Emergency recovery training in case of an error-driven network failure

Minter 1.1

  • Texas tests and trials, including with data from the mainnet, new wallets, Console, and more
  • Performance optimization based on a significant amount of mainnet data
  • Voting on the release:

Minter 2.0

  • The first, Ethereum-like sidechain in progress
  • Development of the inter-service standards for the exchange of goods and services


  • Apple Wallet card
  • 2.0 under way


  • 2.0 under way



  • iOS Core SDK improvements
  • C++ SDK improvements
  • JS SDK improvements


  • Extender optimization
  • Resumption of the duplicate server operation
  • Gate improvements and Docker wrap-up
  • Re-activation of the rewards deletion script (on utils 1)
  • Selection of appropriate Prometheus metrics required to monitor Explorer status


  • Node web server migration to a new library
  • Node management console
  • Node dockerization
  • genesis 1.0 -> 1.1 export command


  • Minter Push Hackathon: stage 1
  • Localized communities contest


  • MDF promo grants
  • Dev grants from the team
  • Grant policy for the U.S.

Liquidity Providers


  • Minter Global OÜ’s new crypto licenses
  • Team’s R&D office in the works
  • Memoranda on crypto businesses in Germany and England finalized
  • AMLD5 memorandum finalized
  • Blockchain-stored personal data memorandum finalized
  • MDF granting procedure formalized
  • Consultations to several community-led projects


  • New wallet
  • UI Kit
  • Brand Kit
  • New MN website
  • Minter Push


  • Intensive campaign aimed to attract developers to Telegram
  • Development of the strategy for expansion into other languages and platforms (Telegram, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram)


  • Fast universal payments as a primary direction
  • MinterID concept
  • Minter Push concept

What we have is more than 50 large-scale tasks, each playing an important role network-wise.

Items that have no “Completed” status — e.g., Hub — are not included in this list.



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