Minter’s Month in Review — January 2021

January was a short, but very productive month for Minter. The main effort was focused on the development of Minter 2 and Minter Hub: in January, as part of Minter Hub pilots, the first trustless transfers of coins were sent from Minter to Ethereum and the other way around. It was also proposed that all fees in Minter 2 be tied to the U.S. dollar and charged in BIP.

What’s the situation today?

  1. Minter becomes the easiest way to enter the crypto space. Fast and cheap transfers for most digital assets, interfaces that are easy to understand.
  2. The bigger number of transactions and bigger gains for validators and delegators. Once Minter 2 is out, the fees will be adjusted to the market, meaning that returns from the fees might surpass those from generating new blocks.
  3. BIP holders get an opportunity to benefit from the exchange operations inside Minter carried out via the Uniswap protocol.
  4. HUB holders get 1% on the fees charged for transferring coins from Ethereum to Minter and vice versa.
  5. All Minter-powered coins become exchangeable with USDT, ETH, BTC, and other digital assets. All that in five seconds and at super-low fees.
  6. Validators and delegators will be able to expect projected dollar income regardless of fluctuations in the price of any coin.
  7. Users will be able to pay fees in a predictable dollar equivalent.
  8. The fee system will stabilize the BIP rate. Each fee payment is a BIP purchase. The lower the price, the more BIP goes toward the fee; the higher the price, the less.



– New Minter service from one of the dev community members: (accounts, wallet, addresses with history, light block explorer, random number generator, validators)


– Minter 2 positioned as a digital assets marketplace
– A video shared about how shares are tokenized on blockchain
– tailored to customers’ needs, interactions and user engagement mechanisms revisited
– First merchants already working on the integration of Minter Merchants Protocol


Pinpon has invited brands to try out the platform for free


– The Minter Hub token (HUB) listed in @tebot
HUB/USDT liquidity as of the end of Jan. ≈ $52,600



– First cross-chain transfers between Minter and Ethereum
– Minter 2 masternode tests
Fees denominated in the U.S. dollar with the arrival of Minter 2
– Ability to vote for the size of on-chain fees implemented for Minter 2
– Logic of Minter Hub fees
– Oracle functionality for Minter Hub
– Liquidity pool tokens in the form of coins that can be traded and transferred for Minter 2
– Automatic return in case the withdrawal to Ethereum hasn’t been completed
– Logic of paying for Ethereum gas with any coin


– BIP Wallet improvements and bug fixes


– BIP Wallet bug fixes
– Minter app updated for Ledger Nano S

API, Gate, & SDK

– Development of Ledger Nano S-compatible Go SDK
– Preparation of Go SDK for Minter 2
– Preparation of JS SDK for Minter 2

Console, Explorer, & Other

Explorer updated: preparation for the launch of Minter 2 updated: merchants and check archive added
– Preparation of Console and SDK for the launch of Minter 2
Explorer rewards calculation fixed

All projects are welcome to publish their progress reports under the Minter0121 tag.

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