Minter’s Month in Review—July 2021

Last month, Minter saw growing trading volumes and overall liquidity, launched new yield-farming programs, and kicked off the development of new tools. Grab a watermelon 🍉 as we’re ready to tell you about every interesting thing that happened throughout July.


  • 🚀
    BIPx went live on Ethereum: once users got their mirrored coins, the BIPX-USDT pool started gaining momentum and reached over $220,000 in liquidity by the end of month
  • 🍒🎉✈️️
    Until mid-August, the following programs will be active for the BIPX-USDT pool:
    Farming: 0.2% daily (0.1% in USDT + 0.1% in BIPx on provider’s total liquidity)
    Giveaway: 1,000,000 BIPx
    Airdrop: 1,000,000 BIPx
    Learn More
  • 📖
    We updated our catalogue of articles, which now includes the Earn category. In this part of the website, we talk about each and every way to earn with Minter
  • 🍯
    We have also started developing HONEE app that aims to answer the question, “How to make money on the Internet?”. Its token 🐝 BEE represents rewards for users of Honee App wallet

News & Events


  • BIPx was issued on Ethereum network. Earlier, 1,063 Minter network users had sent in 103 170 440 BIP. They all got extra bonuses totaling at 10 527 126 BIP
  • Minter Hub oracles activated cross-chain transfers for the 1INCH token
  • Oracles also bridged BIP (Minter) and BIPx (Ethereum)
  • New farming programs that expire at the end of the summer:
    HUB-MUSD (0.2% in HUB)
    USDTE-MUSD (0.1% in USDTE)
    BEE-MUSD (0.1% in MUSD)
    All farming programs are available on a special page:
  • A total of 151,779 BIP in cross-chain fees was refunded to users
  • BIPx airdrop: a new event in the largest crypto calendar was already trending an hour and a half after being posted
  • CoinMarketCap:
    — BIPx airdrop event listed in Events section
    — BIPx contract added to Minter Network page
  • 🎞 New promo video about BIPX-USDT pool and ongoing programs it offers
  • Media ad campaigns across Twitter, Facebook, Google, and YouTube
  • Top 1 pool as of the end of July: USDTE-USDCE with ≈$330,000 in liquidity. Friendly reminder: the pool has a farming program with 0.1% in daily returns
  • Shipped stylish snapbacks to everyone who’d burned 1 CAP


  • BIP Wallet for iOS updated with the roll-out of liquidity pools
  • Honee app development in progress: a crypto wallet that lets you earn
  • Sleek landing page for BIPx
  • Service for claiming BIPx (farming, giveaway, airdrop) with 24-hour liquidity tracking
  • Buy BIP & HUB tab in Minter Console, where one can buy tokens right from Ethereum
  • Automatic slippage limits at
  • Improvement and testing of order books (limit orders)
  • Development of Ledger Console

Supporting development and adoption of Minter, a digital assets marketplace powered by a fast blockchain. Other social media:

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Supporting development and adoption of Minter, a digital assets marketplace powered by a fast blockchain. Other social media:

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