Minter’s Month in Review—July 2022

1 min readAug 8, 2022



  • Burned the larger part of BEE token supply on both networks
  • Made the second buyback and burn of BIP from an address that accumulates 0.1% on each swap in liquidity pools
  • Compiled an up-to-date list of Minter Hub oracles allowing their users to stake HUB
  • Launched the second BEE staking program at up to 20% APR
  • Added an ability to withdraw assets to BNB Smart Chain and Ethereum from @HoneeBot
  • Enabled Honee users to top up their wallet with BNB, ETH, or any coin of the Minter network
  • Signed up for CoinMarketCap’s microblogging platform
  • Organized a Minter DEX market maker contest where one has to place orders at near-market prices
  • Rolled out a HUBSTAKE staking program with payouts in HUB and an APR of 5%


  • Honee:
    — BNB and ETH deposits
    — Onboarding upon wallet creation
    — Automatic swap of coins in staking cards
    — Referral system in progress
    — Portfolio functionality in progress
  • Improvement and optimization of HoneeBot
  • Development of smart wallets
  • Various improvements to Minter Console and Minter Explorer

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