Minter’s Month in Review—June 2021

June was really hot . . . So grab an ice cream cone 🍦 and get ready for the most interesting news of the last month.

Wanna know who was especially sweaty? Traders and liquidity providers. They got even more opportunities for earning—new tokens, farming programs, the first mirror from Minter. Oh, and the format of our monthly reports has changed, too. Buckle up!


Let’s start with the major events of June. All eyes on:

  • 👨‍🌾 Happy farmer
    On June 1, a series of summertime yield farming programs has gone live, offering 0.1% daily and up. You can find all approved programs in the Explorer catalog, there are 10 of them already
  • 🔫 Chewing gun
    On June 29, an ERC-20 token HUBABUBA was launched on the Ethereum network, while Minter Hub oracles opened cross-chain transfers of the token between Minter and Ethereum (find out more)
  • 🦌🦌 A herd of bucks
    — BIP is no longer accepted for further issuance of BIPx on Ethereum. A total of 103,170,440 BIP has been received. BIPx launches on July 1 (find out more)
    — At the end of June, we saw one of the hottest trading days ever: the 24-hour volume reached more than $1M, bringing over $2K for liquidity providers and an additional $450 in fees for delegators
  • 👟 First step worth a thousand miles
    Halfway into the month, Minter Hub crossed the 1,000 cross-chain transfers (worth $7,772,583) mark (find out more)
  • 8️⃣ Engagement rings
    Since June 14, everyone in Minter’s been able to make cross-chain transfers of as many as 8 most-popular, dollar-pegged stablecoins (find out more)

News & Events

For you to keep track of what’s really important—and us, to make these roundups in a more convenient way—we’ll divide all news and events into those related to products and those related to technologies.



  • Daniil Lashin shared his idea of quantum pools and liquidity superposition. To cut a long story short, those pools automatically use your liquidity wherever and whenever it’s needed, so that it’s not ‘just sitting there.’ Best digested over a cup of coffee! ☕️
  • The first alpha version of Minter Console (testnet) to be used with Ledger Nano S
  • New swap type in Minter ConsoleDirect pool. A user who picks it makes an exchange via a single direct pool (if such exists) without routing
  • Blockchain upd. v2.3.0: fix for incorrect calculation of fees when paid in LP tokens + prohibition of duplicate pools within a single swap transaction
  • Blockchain upd. v2.4.0: our security system asked to slightly change fee charges
  • Finishing touches on Minter mempool
  • Stylish verified badges and icons in Console and Explorer
  • Psst! Don’t tell anyone, but BIP Wallet for iOS is getting an update very soon. We’ve also been testing order books for some time now, which will allow to place limit orders on-chain. Whoa!🤌

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