Minter’s Month in Review—June 2022

2 min readJul 4, 2022



  • CoinMarketCap started showing Minter DEX as an exchange, with the first pair being USDTE/USDCE
  • Launched a new tool, which is BEE staking. It allows you to lock tokens over a specific period and get daily rewards. The longer the period, the bigger the rewards!
  • Launched MUSD staking as well, with everyday payouts in USDTE
  • Honee announced the burn of a larger part of BEE supply, leaving the maximum supply at 100 million tokens
  • Rolled out a new product—the HUB-BNB community pool that lets you join with a single asset (an article with returns calculation)
  • June 3rd marked the first buyback and burn of BIP from an address that accumulates .1% on each swap in liquidity pools. 5.81 million BIP had been bought back and burned via transfer to the 0th address at the time
  • Made payouts related to a farming program across 3 liquidity pools on BNB Smart Chain: BIPX-WBNB, BEE-WBNB, and HUB-WBNB. Prolonged farming for the HUB-WBNB pool until June 30
  • Honee held 2 contests for BEE and MUSD stakers:
    30,000 BEE
    1,000 USDTE
  • Sent first payments as part of the Minter Hub oracles support program, under which every oracle gets 1% on their average monthly stake
  • Minter dev team announced a unique feature—Crosschain Smart Wallets. It allows you to call any smart contract from any connected network without leaving Minter
  • Apart from smart wallets, Minter dev team was readying a protocol that would allow one to use any data from blockchain EVMs inside smart contracts of third-party networks


  • Development of smart wallets and a protocol for them
  • Development and launch of universal staking program functionality
  • Integration of staking programs into HONEE Wallet
  • Launch of HONEE Telegram bot, which allows you to buy tokens, stake them, and earn with a referral system

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