Minter’s Month in Review — March 2020

Last month, we saw over 75 completed tasks coupled with productive work on preparation for the launch of Minter 2.0, including a successful transition to the new MainNet that can be integrated with other blockchains.


  • Network upgraded to version 1.1
  • Increased performance
  • Ability to limit supply when creating a coin
  • Ability to set a coin to pay the check redemption fee
  • Support for wallets with multi-signatures
  • Custom coin liquidation functionality removal
  • Minimum reserve set at 10,000 BIP
  • Delegator rewards distribution once every 120 blocks
  • A new version of Tendermint
  • Bug fixes, improved stability
  • Masternode configuration opportunities expanded
  • Test network switched to version 1.1
  • Minter EVM Service getting ready for public testing
  • Network in the top 5% of the world’s blockchains by daily transactions
  • A 99.68% uptime in the first 9 months


  • List of regulated exchanges collected along with general listing requirements
  • Negotiations with a number of platforms
  • Cryptocurrency-to-fiat conversion operations being carried out
  • 15 exchange services providing liquidity

Minter Development Foundation

  • 3 grants for Telegram promotion awarded
  • Court’s rulings in the TON case analyzed, message for the U.S. market revised


  • Key questions from developers gathered for updated documentation
  • Preparation of similar documentation for regular users started
  • Multi-language article contest results made available
  • Atomars exchange’s listing competition won
  • The surging popularity of Minter websites and related search queries
  • GitHub account boosted


  • Marketing campaign plan for listings finalized
  • Speeches of team representatives for multiple upcoming events being drafted
  • MinterPush YouTube videos published


  • Last Updated status for balances
  • New deep link format introduced with the old one still supported
  • Issues resolved
  • BIP Wallet 2.0 in the works


  • Last Updated status for balances
  • BIP Wallet updated to version 1.14.0
  • New deep link format
  • Ability to create a multisig address via a deep link
  • Real-time information about synchronization with the network
  • Android Blockchain SDK updated
  • BIP Wallet 2.0 in the works


  • GitHub-hosted Console launched
  • Last Updated status for balances added to the Console and web version of the wallet
  • Ability to create and manage multi-signature addresses in the Console
  • Support for the new version of Minter Link and its integration with mobile applications
  • Prevention from entering a seed phrase into the Message field enabled
  • Support for wallets with multi-signatures in the off-line Console
  • The issue with saving a seed phrase in the logs of the off-line Console database on Windows resolved
  • Authorization via Facebook and Telegram in the Help section fixed


  • Multisig data now displayed
  • Historical data from the blockchain version 1.0 added
  • Validator pagination and homepage-shown block time fixed
  • Image upload to the Docker Hub implemented


  • Support for the new Minter Link format
  • Multi-signatures improvements
  • New methods and functionality from the recent upgrade added to the PHP SDK


  • Extender and Gate migrated to go mod
  • Extender and Gate now using Minter Go SDK
  • Docker wrap-up for Extender, Explorer API, and Gate
  • Update of auto-delegator & API for card providers


  • Improved “out-of-the-box” masternode launch without genesis
  • Console command dashboard under development to allow for real-time monitoring of the masternode’s main performance parameters
  • Statistics in Prometheus (ping to peers, block processing speed, and masternode API’s response time)
  • Functionality to export and import blockchain’s current data
  • New transaction type SetHaltBlock for decentralized stoppage of the network rolled out to facilitate future upgrades


  • Grants awarded to validators for development and update of their websites
  • Grants to the teams developing Minter-based products


  • “Send, receive & spend crypto in one minute” challenge completed
  • 4th and 5th stages of the MinterPush hackathon finished
  • Results of the MinterPush competition with a total budget of 4.5 million BIP announced


  • Market-making opportunities provided by a licensed E.U. broker identified
  • Conditions for the issuance of fiat-collateralized stablecoins within the Minter 2.0 services framework being researched
  • Tax consequences of exchanging crypto to fiat currencies and vice versa studied


  • First mass market in sight: Rewards
  • Format selected for collecting (GitHub) and sharing (crowdsourced website) knowledge about the network
  • Launch concept for laid out
  • Five stages of rewards hackathon for MinterPush outlined
  • Participants divided into two groups: developers and enthusiasts

All projects are welcome to publish their progress reports under the Minter0320 tag.