Minter’s Month in Review—March 2022


  • Yield-farming programs @ 10%/month expiring at the end of spring. Pools:
    BIP-MUSD, payouts in BIP (program)
    BEE-MUSD, payouts in MUSD (program)
    HUB-BNB, payouts in HUB (program)
  • PancakeSwap-powered farmings yielding 0.1% daily:
    BIPX-BNB, payouts in BIP
    BEE-WBNB, payouts in BEE
    HUB-WBNB, payouts in HUB
  • 24 BNB Smart Chain tokens listed cross-chain:
    SUSHIBSC (SushiSwap)
    BAKEBSC (BakerySwap)
    ANYBSC (Anyswap)
    BANANABSC (ApeSwap)
    BURGERBSC (BurgerSwap)
    BSWBSC (Biswap)
    ADABSC (Cardano)
    LINKBSC (Chainlink)
    ATOMBSC (Cosmos)
    COMPBSC (Compound)
    LTCBSC (Litecoin)
    AAVEBSC (Aave)
    TWTBSC (Trust Wallet)
    C98BSC (Coin98)
    SFPBSC (SafePal)
    BEE (Honee)
    TORNBSC (Tornado Cash)
    INJBSC (Injective)
    NEARBSC (NEAR Protocol)
    BANDBSC (Band Protocol)
    INSURBSC (InsurAce)
    USDCBSC (USD Coin)
  • Month-long Welcome Farmings in place for newly added tokens in pairs with BIP
  • Impermanent Loss recompense for liquidity pools with HUB token across three networks: Minter, BNB Smart Chain, and Ethereum
  • One-month lottery for the BIP-MUSD pool with a prize of 33% on winner’s liquidity
  • Ability to unbond HUB tokens on Minter Hub
  • Farming program for the POWERBANK-BIP pool. POWERBANK is backed by BIP, so it can be swapped via both pools and reserves
  • Review of dynamic mining and 3-year lockup in Minter 3
  • Updated landing pages for BIP and HUB
  • Minter 3 upgrade scheduled for April 12


  • Toronet launched to test Minter 3 functionality
  • Explorer, Console, BIP Wallet (web), API, and SDK modified for Toronet readiness
  • Documentation for Toronet
  • MegaPool in progress, prep for release



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