Minter’s Month in Review—May 2022


  • Deposits now being accepted for the BIP-BNB community pool set to launch on BNB Smart Chain. Minimum amount to participate: 100 000 BIP
  • Cross-chain listings:
    LUNABSC (Terra)
    USTBSC (TerraUSD)
  • Welcome farmings at 10% monthly for new tokens:
  • June farming programs announced:
    BIP-MUSD (Minter)
    HUB-BNB (Minter)
    HUB-BNB (BNB Smart Chain)
  • Honee white paper scheduled for release in early summer, revealing the full tokenomics of BEE with a maximum supply of 100 million tokens
  • 99% of BEE token supply burned
  • BEE (Honee crypto wallet’s native token) arrived at DexTools and made +320% over a couple of days
  • BEE staking with varying lock and yield options in the works
  • More than 15 million BIP burned throughout the first 1.5 months since Minter 3 upgrade
  • About $4,000 collected at a special address charging 0.1% to each pool swap
  • Projects’ landing pages revamped


  • Minter Hub: optimization, bug fixes, and upgrade of blockchain components
  • Honee: optimization and work on the new card features
  • Smart contracts for community pools under way
  • Yield-farming programs’ functionality enhancement



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