Minter’s Month in Review—November 2020

This past month, we were waiting for the iOS version of the wallet to get released, and it finally did! We even ate an apple pie in celebration of Apple mods’ decision. Now to the serious news: after the large-scale upgrade of the blockchain, the team and the community have been actively updating all products and services. The goal is to adopt a single standard that will let us smoothly and efficiently transition to Minter 2.0, which is already being developed by some of the core team members.



– Mass loyalty points distribution functionality added to Minter Wallet (send to both Minter and e-mail addresses)
– Pilots launched for the first integrations of merchants under Minter Merchant Protocol (MMP)
– Yet another addition to the loyalty points and rewards family: new ReachSlide product by the BTC.Secure team


– HUB tokens accrued to those Minter participants who contributed to the network’s progress in Q3 2020 and since launch
List of all HUB holders who’ll be getting 1% on all fees charged for transfers between blockchains


– 1,000 UNI reward to be shared among all HUB-USDT pool’s liquidity providers (as of Dec. 1)
– 100,000 BIP Minter Hub promo launched on


Review of Minter Wallet, a simple and convenient wallet for loyalty and rewards platforms
How to improve customer loyalty in 2021: findings from the study based on the data obtained from Visa
– General presentation of Pinpon


– Preparing Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for a new Minter Bonus service
– Connecting Minter Bonus to Stripe


– Leading team members and node owners interviewed by Minter FM (in Russian)
– Multiple brands being onboarded to the Pinpon platform


HUB/USDT liquidity as of the end of Nov. = US$45,000
– Merchant aggregator in the works



– New version of the node (1.2.1) released with a number of changes and fixes
– Minter blockchain important news & plans
– Ability to decode checks added to the transaction debugger
– Logic implemented for creating non-reserve coins in Minter 2.0
– Minter 2.0 storage core refactored
– Logic being developed for exchanging non-reserve coins using uniswapv2 protocol inside Minter 2.0


– BIP Wallet 2.0 update for iOS
– Stories introduced


– BIP Wallet update: Stories
– BIP Wallet 2.0 bug fixes


– Corrected 1.2 errors for SDK
– JS SDK improvements
– Go SDK improvements

Console, Explorer, & Other

– Redeemed checks now saving in Explorer
– Issues resolved and Console functionality enhanced

All projects are welcome to publish their progress reports under the Minter1120 tag.

Supporting development and adoption of Minter, a digital assets marketplace powered by a fast blockchain. Other social media:

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Supporting development and adoption of Minter, a digital assets marketplace powered by a fast blockchain. Other social media:

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