Minter’s Month in Review—November 2021

In November, Minter Team was working on the updates for Minter and Minter Hub, hosted LIMIT GAME for testing limit orders, and made cross-chain listings of new tokens.


  • 🏁 Preparation of updates: Minter Hub 2 and a successful vote in favor of Minter v2.6.0
  • New cross-chain listings: TON, SHIB, and METAINDEX with special Welcome Farming programs
  • 🕹 LIMIT GAME: 826 participants were placing limit orders on the Taconet test network

News & Events


  • Two major events of the outgoing year featured on the largest crypto calendar CoinMarketCal:
    December 1st: Minter 2.6 update
    December 2nd: Minter Hub 2 upgrade
  • Popular ERC-20 tokens listed cross-chain by Minter Hub oracles:
  • Special Welcome Farming programs for newly arrived assets:
  • LIMIT GAME run on the Taconet test net, where players had to guess the price of the game asset by placing limit orders. Total prize: 250 000 BIP divided by 5 winners, a 300 000 BIP airdrop for all participants, and special achievement badges by Chainik
  • Minter blockchain made it halfway through BIP mining. As of today, over 50% — or 5 out of 10B — of all BIP has been issued. All stakers received memorable badges
  • New earning cards added into the Honee crypto wallet: for SQD, ARCONA, HUBABUBA, TON, SHIB, METAINDEX
  • Minter Hub landing revamped
  • Ad campaigns across Facebook, Instagram


  • Prepping for Minter Hub 2 upgrade, which includes:
    — New code base
    — Lower fees on withdrawals to Ethereum
    — Integration with Binance Smart Chain
    — Swap discounts for HUB holders
    — Support for native ETH (and BNB) tokens
    — Improved UX for validators
    — Cross-chain DeFi
    — Modular onboarding of other blockchains
  • Prepping for Minter 2.6 update, which includes:
    — AMM with Order Book
    — Ability to burn tokens is now available not only to creator but to all holders
    — The maximum Voting Power has been limited to 20% per Validator
    — Fees for failed transactions
    — Bug fixes
  • Prepared Minter Node v2.6.0 Release
  • Validators had decided to proceed with the Minter 2.6 update that took place today at block height 7,683,130
  • Minter Explorer improvements
  • Routes optimized for pool swaps
  • Development of Explorer API for Minter Hub

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Supporting development and adoption of Minter, a digital assets marketplace powered by a fast blockchain. Other social media:

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Supporting development and adoption of Minter, a digital assets marketplace powered by a fast blockchain. Other social media:

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