Minter’s Month in Review — October 2020

2 min readNov 2, 2020


Together with the community, the team upgraded the Minter network to version 1.2. All potential vulnerabilities have been eliminated, and long-awaited suggestions have been implemented — from more flexible validator management to API updates and stake calculation formula changes. Not everything went smoothly, though: it seems App Store moderators liked our wallet so much that they decided to keep it for themselves. But first things first.


Rewards light wallet with one-click registration launched for managing loyalty points


Validator support program announced
DAO stakes defined for the top 1,000 delegators and 43 validators
– 1,000 random addresses to join DAO collected
Spreadsheet shared with addresses to receive HUB coins that will be used for voting all things DAO
Q3 2020 DAO application form published
All-time DAO application form published


Article about the regulation of BIP and custom coins


Article about Minter Hub and Minter’s integration into the DeFi space


– Daniil Lashin took part in the Blockchain Life 2020 conference
– Minter stand at Blockchain Life 2020
– New Minter Bonus service in the works


Minter Hub (HUB) tokens accrued
HUB trading on Uniswap commenced
– The HUB token experienced a 400-percent growth in the first 24 hours
– 30% of BIP total supply reached
– Minter Global’s official BIP offering targeting the companies that plan to create their loyalty points on the Minter network

Minter Development Foundation

– Preparation for the launch of DAO



Final round of voting on the network upgrade concluded
– 1.2 migration guide published
Blockchain upgraded to v1.2
– Bug fixes and assistance to developers with updating services


– New version of BIP Wallet pending App Store moderation
– Test version released until approval
– Bugs fixed and SDK updated


BIP Wallet switched to blockchain v1.2
– Bugs fixed and SDK updated


– API improved and moved to v1.2


Android SDK transitioned to version 1.2
C++ SDK transitioned to version 1.2
Python SDK transitioned to version 1.2
PHP SDK updated
Go SDK updated
JS SDK improved and updated

Console, Explorer, & Other

Explorer transitioned to version 1.2
– Extender optimized and migrated to Kubernetes
Auto-delegator updated

All projects are welcome to publish their progress reports under the Minter1020 tag.




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