Minter’s Month in Review—September 2021

Last month, the Minter team kicked off the Honee crypto wallet into alpha testing, updated the Minter blockchain, launched new farming programs, and did a huge amount of work on the new Taconet functionality and the upcoming Minter Hub upgrade.


  • 🍯
    Long-awaited roll-out of Honee Alpha (a crypto wallet that helps you earn)

  • BIPx live on the BSC network. Mirrored in total: 73 551 437 BIP
  • 🍭 Featured program of October: 100% yearly in the BEE-MUSD pool + giveaway. Five additional farming programs at 36.5% each: find out more

News & Events


  • Eight farming programs with .1% of provided liqudity in daily rewards
  • BIPx released on Binance Smart Chain as a BEP-20 token. Before that, 1,042 Minter network users had sent in 73 551 437 BIP, also receiving bonuses totaling at 15 462 150 BIP
  • Honee launch event listed on CoinMarketCal
  • Short intro video about Honee Wallet
  • Honee’s alpha testing phase started on Sep. 28. One of the main features is cards that let you make complex operations in a single click. The first seven cards are already available in the wallet, and others will be rolled out gradually. If you spot any bugs or simply want to share your opinion and ideas, you’re more than welcome to join a special chat!
  • 🍀 New farming programs and a giveaway announced for October
  • Ad campaigns across Twitter, Google, Facebook, and Instagram
  • landing page update


  • Minter v2.5.0 update:
    —Fees for unsuccessful transactions
    —Issues resolved
    —Preparation of transactions to be sorted by gas price in-block
  • 🕵️‍♂️ New algo for searching routes when making a swap
  • The first large upgrade of Minter Hub in the works. It will include a record number of new features. Learn more
  • BIP Wallet bug fixes
  • Order book improvements (limit orders already available on Taconet)
  • Limitation of the maximum total stake of a candidate to 20% of the sum of all candidates (Taconet)
  • Removal of candidates that do not fall into the top 100 by stake size (Taconet)
  • Minter Explorer improvements (Taconet)

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