Trading with Minter: Faster, Cheaper, Simpler

  • Higher volatility
  • Faster change of trends and moods
  • As a result, bigger risks but also potentially bigger profitability
  • Lower entry threshold
  • A number of decentralization-related factors that make trading more complicated

1. OTC

2. Centralized Exchanges

  • Multi-currency balance, ability to hold various coins and tokens in a single account
  • High speed of trades
  • Limit orders
  • Trading in a wide variety of assets from within a single place
  • Rich toolset
  • Lack of transparency in trades
  • Wash trading
  • Different market depth across trading pairs. Even if there is liquidity, it may be concentrated somewhere far from the market price
  • The exchange can see all stop-loss orders placed by users, so theoretically, it opens up a way to manipulate the market
  • If the exchange gets hacked, user funds are usually lost forever
  • Possibility of exit scam
  • Suspension of deposit and withdrawal due to maintenance
  • Chance that the account can get into the stop list of the exchange
  • Suspension of withdrawal because of sudden spikes in transaction costs

3. First DEXes

4. AMM (Automated Market Maker) and DEX

x * y = k

5. Minter: All Switches ON

Key Features & Advantages

  • Transactions confirmed in 5 seconds with final blocks (no need to wait several blocks)
  • Any liquid coins and tokens swappable for one another
  • Liquidity pools with a 0.2% fee that goes straight to providers
  • AMMOB: Automated Market Maker pools with on-chain Order Books (limit orders)
  • Low transaction fees fixed in U.S. dollars ($0.01 per trade, $0.03 per swap) and payable in any liquid coin or token of the network
  • Your own tokens and liquidity pools created in just a couple of clicks
  • Cross-chain transfers between Minter, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain




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