Wallet for Loyalty & Rewards Platforms: Minter Wallet (β)

wallet for loyalty platform
Minter Wallet is currently in beta.
wallet for rewards platform
Sending coins to user’s inbox
Confirming the sending
Check receipt notification sent to inbox
Redeeming check in Minter Wallet
List of available checks




Minter Wallet: Key Characteristics

  • The wallet itself does not make any transactions, they are made by users through a web interface
  • Seed phrases are stored on a server in an encrypted form, the wallet only queries them when a transaction is requested
  • Get your seed phrase via e-mail upon tapping the corresponding button (coming soon)
  • No app installation required, it’s a web wallet
  • Send funds to Mx addresses and e-mail addresses alike thanks to checks that await redemption for 30 days
  • Instant access to the wallet in a couple of clicks via a special log-in link (leveraging the best modern practices adopted by, for example, Medium)
  • No passwords mean higher security and protection against account hacks



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